1. "Cannonball" by mary-paints 

  2. "Bird in the Hand"- watercolour and red wool, by mary-paints


  3. "February" in flowers- mary-paints

  4. January in flowers by mary-paints

  5. "Influence" by mary-paints

  6. "Drip" by mary-paints

  7. "Soaked" by mary-paints

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  8. "It’s Vintage" by mary-paints

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  9. December in flowers by mary-paints

  10. "Elizabeth" by mary-paints

  11. "Drowning" by mary-paints

  12. "storytime" by mary-paints

  13. “Unravelled” by mary-paints, biro, watercolours and red wool

  14. "She died tragically, drowning in a cup of tea" by mary-paints,

  15. "Unstitched" by mary-paints, biro and red wool on card